Wonderful people wander into our lives. Some stay for years and some only for seconds. Each day you experience a multitude of moments that make their imprint on your life. Like a flitting dragonfly, skimming so close to the water, we traverse through our routines each day. We pay no notice to the beauty of chance instants…the instants that make us exhale, make us smile, give us joy for a brief twinkling.

Today I begin to share my moments with you. Today I promise to savor my moments.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Thanks

(From 7/2/2010)

Hot dogs, fire works, lemonade, grass, pool, picnic cloths red checked, grills going, family, friends, freedom, flags flying high, sparklers, heat, chips, potato salad, home made ice-cream, playing Marco Polo, music, neighbors, ol' skool music with country & gospel, ceiling fans, citronella, kool-aid, sweet tea, yelling & laughing, dogs barking, kids running, frisbees flying, golf played, fish frying, cars waxed, 4 wheelers revving, sea-doos scooting, splashing & diving, suntan lotion smells, rafts blown up, tropical patio cushions, flip flops flopping, mustard, ketchup, pickles, relish, hot sauce, stringed patio lights, tree climbing, dirt digging and earthworm finds, sand pails & shovels, "who wants hamburgers and who wants hot dogs?" "medium, well or rare?" "dry, wet or muddy?"

For all of this, I thank the men and women who have served in our armed forces throughout the history of our great country! There is no better land nor people!

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