Wonderful people wander into our lives. Some stay for years and some only for seconds. Each day you experience a multitude of moments that make their imprint on your life. Like a flitting dragonfly, skimming so close to the water, we traverse through our routines each day. We pay no notice to the beauty of chance instants…the instants that make us exhale, make us smile, give us joy for a brief twinkling.

Today I begin to share my moments with you. Today I promise to savor my moments.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Renovation Saga, Part Two - Inside Progress

Inside – My Room, Den:

We have purchased a new mattress set and new bedroom furniture. I was so tired of heavy dark wood and the new is a creamy cottage style 4-post bedroom set. I started painting the bedroom this weekend and have purchased a new desk and chair for my return to school endeavor (both from Pier One.)

The den has a new couch and loveseat. However, it still has wood paneling that the men of the house love and will not part with, sigh. I’m still trying to figure out how to redecorate it to join this century. I’m looking for a magnificent painting that will lighten up the wall behind the couch. I am searching for a new hanging style lamp, not pendant, for the corner between the fireplace and the loveseat. The fireplace is flanked by long windows on each side. I am planning on hanging LIVE greenery in front of each and making window seat cushions for them.

I have recently changed my mind from installing new hardwood flooring.  Instead, I want to do large ceramic tile that has the look of stamped concrete.  Our house was built in the late '70s/early '80s and has dark wood trim and doors, rather than the much preferred (by me) white trim.  I was visiting a neighbor several weeks ago and had forgotten that they had installed tile in all of their living room, den, kitchen and common areas.  It truly lightened up every room.  So, since we are not looking for resale updating, but rather for durability and function, I am going with the tile.  I will take my before pics soon so that at the end I can see the official progress. 

Going through all of these plans I just realized that everything I am doing is an attempt to lighten and brighten my home. I have been on a personal journey the last 11 months of lightening and brightening myself from the inside out.  I guess my personal work is flowing over into my home ...but isn't that what makes a home?  Your personal stamp and flavor?  How do you connect with your home?  Let me know!

Peace & Brightness to You! 

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